Virucidal Efficacy of a Disinfectant Applied to a Room Via a Fogger or Misting Device

Purpose of Test

The purpose of test is to determine the effectiveness of disinfectant products applied via fogging and/or misting systems for registration with regulatory authorities such as the EPA to support hard surface viral disinfection claims. A carrier based method is used in a large room enclosed to simulate the actual use of these systems and to generate scientific data demonstrating the efficacy of the product and delivery system against the claimed test virus. Typical test organisms utilized in this method are Influenza viruses, Norovirus surrogate, poultry viruses, and additional pathogens of clinical, or occupational relevance.

Summary of Test

An aliquot of the test virus is inoculated onto the surface of a glass Petri dish (used as the test “carrier”) and the virus is dried. The inoculated carriers are placed at diverse locations within the sealed room and exposed to the test substance for a specified exposure time. Following exposure, the carriers are neutralized and serial dilutions of the neutralized test substance are performed. The dilutions are then assayed for viral infectivity by an assay method specific for the test virus. Appropriate virus, test substance cytotoxicity, and neutralization controls are run concurrently. Typically, most regulatory agencies require complete inactivation of the virus in all dilutions assayed.