Analytical Chemistry Testing

Accuratus Lab Services offers our clients full product chemistry analysis including chemical characterization of active ingredients, testing of product-specific impurities, physical chemistry analysis and storage stability testing. Our product chemistry testing capabilities include a broad range of active ingredients (AIs) and preservatives, using a variety of analytical equipment such as HPLC, GC, and autotitrators. Additionally, many customers find value in our seamless coordination of product chemistry testing and antimicrobial efficacy testing needs; both required to support regulatory registrations.

Accuratus Lab Services can measure the AI in your product, including common antimicrobial active ingredients such as quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine, hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, or peracids. This allows us to correlate your AI concentrations to microbiological or viral efficacy results – which is especially important for reusable or unstable formulations. In compliance with GLP regulatory standards, Accuratus Labs offers development of custom enforcement methods for product submission, analytical method validation, and method transfer validations of previously validated enforcement methods from your site.

Product Chemistry Testing includes:


Accuratus Lab Services offers the product chemistry studies required by EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) Assessment Guidelines 830 series to characterize your antimicrobial product and to define any potential hazards associated with its routine handling and use. Chemistry studies for supporting product registrations are performed under our rigorous GLP program.

In addition to chemical characterization and physical chemistry tests, Accuratus Labs is positioned to detect chemical residuals to support your cleaning validation needs. Common chemical residuals that Accuratus Labs can detect include:

  • Residual Carbohydrate
  • Residual Protein
  • Residual Hemoglobin

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