Antimicrobial Testing Services

Accuratus Lab Services is the premier contract antimicrobial testing laboratory and expert partner to the developers, manufacturers and users of antimicrobial pesticide and biocide products. With over 25 years of excellence in antimicrobial testing, Accuratus Lab Services sets industry standards for quality, skill, and turn-around times. Antimicrobial testing performed in our microbiology and virology laboratory facilities has supported the successful registration of thousands of antimicrobial products. In addition to our customers’ high satisfaction, our lab maintains an unparalleled reputation with regulatory agencies, as well as a flawless record of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency facility and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliance audits.

As the top global provider of antimicrobial efficacy testing services and biocide efficacy testing services, Accuratus Lab Services is the leader in generating GLP compliant data for clients. Accuratus Lab Services will help you develop a customized test method, complete screening tests during product development and generate the final data to support antimicrobial pesticide and biocide regulatory submissions. Accuratus Lab Services has extensive experience generating GLP compliant data that is accepted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Health Canada, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and European Chemicals Agency or individual European Member State agencies.

Comprehensive Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of antimicrobial efficacy tests to support antimicrobial pesticide registrations and claims for public and non-public health products. Public health antimicrobial products are any products that claim to control a microorganism that poses a threat to human health, including sterilants, sporicides, disinfectants, sanitizers, virucides, tuberculocides and fungicides. A non-public health antimicrobial product controls microorganisms of economic or aesthetic significance not directly related to human health, such as preservatives, deodorizers and bacteriostatic products. All product types are intended to destroy or suppress the growth of bacteria, viruses, or fungi on objects and surfaces.

Antimicrobial Testing For Your Product

Our dedicated microbiology and virology labs are equipped to execute a wide variety of antimicrobial test assays. In addition to basic product efficacy claims, Accuratus Lab Services utilizes its extensive library of viral, bacterial and fungal organisms, including clinically-relevant antibiotic resistant organisms to substantiate a breadth of antimicrobial claims for your specific product. Additional antimicrobial testing can be conducted on supplemental organisms to support product differentiation and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Accuratus Lab Services also offers full product chemistry testing to support antimicrobial product registrations. This added convenience allows our clients to screen active ingredient concentrations during the development phases, followed by full, GLP compliant physical chemistry and product characterization testing to accompany required efficacy data.