Accuratus Champions E1053 and E1052 Revisions at ASTM

Posted on: April 20, 2018

Accuratus Lab Services is committed to remaining at the forefront of scientific methods and providing outstanding testing services. Accuratus staff scientists Becky Lien and Shanen Conway attended ASTM Committee Week in San Diego recently to participate in ongoing revisions to scientific methods and practices.

In addition, Accuratus has chosen to Champion revisions to E1053 (Virucidal Disinfection) and E1052 standards to ensure that top-quality testing methods will continue to produce top-quality results. Shanen Conway, manager of study director operations for Accuratus, is the technical contact for this revision, which is expected to go to sub-committee ballot in June 2018.

Becky Lien and Shanen Conway attend ASTM in San Diego in April 2018.

Other ASTM revisions in progress include:

  • E2839 (Production of C. difficile Spores for Use in Efficacy Evaluation of Antimicrobial Agents)
  • E2896 (Quantitative Petri Plate Method for Determining the Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Towelettes
  • E2871 (Disinfectant Efficacy against P. aeruginosa Biofilm grown in the CDC Biofilm Reactor using the Single Tube Method)
  • WK 55878 (Preparing a P. aeruginosa or S. aureus Biofilm using the CDC Biofilm Reactor)
  • WK 60801 (Quantitative Method for testing Spores of C. difficile on Hard, Non-porous Surfaces)

You can trust Accuratus to understand and follow the most up-to-date testing methods to ensure the most accurate results for our clients. Contact us to speak with a representative to get your project started.